XML Transformations with CSS and DOM

Saturday September 28th, 2002

Apple Developer Connection has a tutorial describing how to render XML in Mozilla using CSS and DOM. The article starts off by explaining how to style XML using CSS and then uses DOM Level 2 to transform some of the output into XHTML. This is all standards-compliant stuff that should work in any 'next generation' browser but only Mozilla is currently cool enough to support it all. The tutorial is by Scott Andrew LePera, who also wrote ADC's last article about Mozilla.

#3 Shouldn't XSLT be used?

by dpol <>

Saturday September 28th, 2002 7:08 PM

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While I agree that the article is well-written, I have a couple of reservations.

First, our goal with publishing XML-based formats on the Web is to introduce semantics - the information should mean something, not only for humans who read visually, but also for computers (that's the idea behind the Semantic Web). I don't approve of the author's usage of the <a>-element from the XHTML namespace. XLink should be used for this; to the author's credit, an XLink version is also included.

However, I really don't care for the inclusion of a JavaScript to programmatically modify the DOM tree. There is no "xml-script" processing instruction, and for good reason. We have XSLT for that job.