Creating Your Own Browser

Wednesday September 25th, 2002

The O'Reilly Network Mozilla DevCenter has a short tutorial detailing how to create your own Mozilla-based browser. The feature describes how to use XUL and JavaScript to make a simple alternative chrome (user interface) for Mozilla. Although the article only scratches the surface, it provides a good starting point for creating a more complex XUL browser or just learning more about the technologies behind the Mozilla framework.

There's a discussion about the tutorial at Slashdot (which is where we heard about the article in the first place).

#2 Mirror Image Reverse Browser

by gencogulan

Wednesday October 9th, 2002 3:33 AM

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I am working on the mozilla code to produce a browser which will display exactly the mirror image of the web pages, meaning a total reverse look to the WWW. Not only the images look reverse but the text can only be read from right to left.

Can anyone help me with this or tell me wheather such a browser exists? I am interested in getting into contact with developers to produce this art project. Thanks, Genco Gulan. <>