Complete Text of 'Creating Applications with Mozilla' Now Online

Friday September 20th, 2002

The complete text of Creating Applications with Mozilla is now available online under the Open Publication License. Written by David Boswell, Brian King, Ian Oeschger, Pete Collins and Eric Murphy, the online edition is being hosted by mozdev at Go to straight chapters list to start reading the book now or get the dead tree version from O'Reilly.

UPDATE! David Boswell writes: "The print version of the book should be available on September 24th in most stores. The books site has been set up as a place to talk more about creating Mozilla applications and to make sure the content stays current as Mozilla evolves. If you are interested in the topic, sign up to the mailing list."

#5 strengths and weaknesses of Mozilla as platform

by mbokil

Saturday September 21st, 2002 10:31 AM

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The ease of UI development with XUL is a huge benefit. The worst drawback to Mozilla as a platform is the Mozilla runtime. In Java on windows and Unix if the Java app goes down the JVM is usually okay and other Java apps running keep going. I have noticed that when Mozilla apps go down bad they usually take down the Mozilla runtime and kill all the other Mozilla apps running. In some ways this single process design makes the Mozilla apps fragile. I would like to see an option where if you have lots of memory on your system you could spawn a different process to serve each Mozilla app so they would have better memory protection and increased stability.