Preferences Toolbar 2

Friday September 20th, 2002

Bill Lynch writes: "You mentioned the redesigned XulPlanet today [Thursday], but didn't mention the excellent Preferences Toolbar they have — I just installed it and it works great and is very helpful for developers."

The Preferences Toolbar allows you to quickly change many common user preferences without having to open a separate dialogue. It's recently been completely rewritten and a new version is now available. Preferences Toolbar 2 allows you to set even more prefs and adds user-agent string spoofing and several other useful features. This latest version is also completely customizable and can be easily toggled with a press of the F8 key. If that's not enough, there's also a button that takes you straight to MozillaZine. Go to the download page to install it now or get more information.

#7 PrefBar2.1

by kc7gza

Friday September 20th, 2002 11:02 AM

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I just finished (about five minutes ago) they PrefBar version 2.1.

Changelog 2.1 * Enabled rebuilding of missing config files, allowing the prefbar to be used easier with multiple profiles. * Fixed the bug that was preventing the PrefBar from working on 1.2a. * Made the edit button and new button dialogs reziable, and sized in ems rather than pixels. * Fixed a bunch of typos in the documentation. * Fixed a dozen or so small bugs pointed out to me by users.

That fixes all the PrefBar bugs that I currently know of. There are still some RFEs that didn't make it in, but I'm working on them too.