Preferences Toolbar 2

Friday September 20th, 2002

Bill Lynch writes: "You mentioned the redesigned XulPlanet today [Thursday], but didn't mention the excellent Preferences Toolbar they have — I just installed it and it works great and is very helpful for developers."

The Preferences Toolbar allows you to quickly change many common user preferences without having to open a separate dialogue. It's recently been completely rewritten and a new version is now available. Preferences Toolbar 2 allows you to set even more prefs and adds user-agent string spoofing and several other useful features. This latest version is also completely customizable and can be easily toggled with a press of the F8 key. If that's not enough, there's also a button that takes you straight to MozillaZine. Go to the download page to install it now or get more information.

#19 Re: mine too, more or less

by bcwright <>

Friday September 20th, 2002 3:02 PM

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This happened to me as well. The preferences bar is a really cool idea, but it obviously still has a couple of bugs. I did NOT change the user agent, And the URL bar stopped working. This was on a Windows 2000 box, I haven't tried it on any of the Win 98 or Linux machines around here.

The documentation describes how to remove it: delete the prefbar.xpi from your chrome directory, and prefbar.rdf from your profile. This seems to restore everything properly (doesn't seem to leave any other cruft around that's corrupting the install so you don't need to do a clean install fortunately).

It acts like there are just a small number of issues with the toolbar; most of it seems to work great. Unfortunately, even though there don't seem to be a lot of problems, the ones that are there are fatal. Hopefully this will get fixed and would be a great thing to have.