Phoenix 0.1 Coming Soon

Thursday September 19th, 2002

Blake Ross writes: "We are targetting a Phoenix 0.1 for Monday. Please be sure to hammer on the nightlies, keeping in mind that this is merely a 0.1 release. Please check to see that your bug is not reported before filing. If it's a big issue, we're probably already aware of it. Thanks."

#18 development style

by masi

Friday September 20th, 2002 1:47 AM

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> As for what Phoenix is in general, it's really to show what Mozilla could > be if it wasn't being dragged down by (a) too many people checking in

Do you refer to Netscape/AOL engineers or the number of enthusiasts that are wiling to code freely for basically a commercial project.

> (and too many not knowing what they're doing) and (b) a review system > obstacle course, which is needed because of (a).

You cannot have it both ways. And without QA the code gets just quicker dirty even if only a bunch of programmers is hacking away.

> It's supported and backed by, who are considering replacing > the trunk with it as it matures.

What does that mean? Another UI rehaul?

> It's intended to be far less geeky than Mozilla,

So this means what? No bells and whistles? That's what I love about Mozilla, DOM Insepctor, mouse gesture add-ons etc.

> and it's also something like 40% faster to startup and 20% faster to open > a new window on slower machines, because it's written by people > intimately familiar with xul.

Well, this is a cause.

> We expect Phoenix to move more quickly than the trunk FE, because there's > no review system and there are very few people checking in.

So you are elitist in this respect.