Phoenix 0.1 Coming Soon

Thursday September 19th, 2002

Blake Ross writes: "We are targetting a Phoenix 0.1 for Monday. Please be sure to hammer on the nightlies, keeping in mind that this is merely a 0.1 release. Please check to see that your bug is not reported before filing. If it's a big issue, we're probably already aware of it. Thanks."

#1 more on Bug Reports

by asa <>

Thursday September 19th, 2002 11:14 AM

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At this stage we've hacked a lot of stuff to pieces. There's plenty that's broken and we're pleased to see bug reports for those problems. The Phoenix bug list is <http://bugzilla.mozilla.o…glist.cgi?product=Phoenix> small (less than 60 total as of this posting) so please do read through the summaries of existing bugs before reporting new bugs.

We're not interested in feature requests so if you want to see something new implemented or you're not happy about something we removed that's fodder for the mailing list (coming soon) and not for Bugzilla. Requests for new features or to add back features we cut will be resolved as Invalid so please don't file bugs like "implement mail for Phoenix".

Also, we're don't need core Mozilla bugs reported to the Phoenix product. If it's also a bug in Mozilla then the problem should probably be reported to the appropriate Mozilla Browser component and not to Phonix. Phoenix re-uses large pieces of Mozilla (all of the layout and networking plus other back-end functionality and even some of the front-end stuff) so if you can reproduce the problem in Mozilla please don't report a bug to Phoenix.