Internet Explorer for UNIX Discontinued

Thursday September 19th, 2002

Gervase Markham writes: "Internet Explorer 5 for HP/UX and Solaris is no longer officially available from Microsoft, according to the IE for Unix front page. The actual download page is still up here, but for how long?

"It's not certain when this happened, but it was probably quite recently, looking at posts in their newsgroup; the Wayback Machine doesn't help, but Google's cache is still the original site.

"This is obviously the last nail in the coffin of 'IE's cross-platform support'. Gecko-based browsers are now the only game in town for download-and-install free software on these two platforms."

Though we don't usually post negative articles about rival browsers, this one was too interesting to pass up.

#5 Makes Linux IE less likely surely ?

by rkl

Thursday September 19th, 2002 10:27 AM

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The two ports (to Solaris and HP-UX) were dismal, but they did use a Windows <-> UNIX API library (complete with a registry file no less !). This library would have made a port to Linux (yes, a bad port, but a port nonetheless) fairly straightforward. By withdrawing the Solaris and HP-UX ports, they've effectively made the chance of a Linux port of IE near enough to zero as to be impossible.

BTW, can you run Windows IE 6 via Wine on Linux ? If so, can it be run without a Windows partition containing native DLLs being available ? The lack of IE on the Linux desktop is what stops many Web designers from switching to Linux (yes, Mozilla is a better browser, but they need to test on IE as well).