Internet Explorer for UNIX Discontinued

Thursday September 19th, 2002

Gervase Markham writes: "Internet Explorer 5 for HP/UX and Solaris is no longer officially available from Microsoft, according to the IE for Unix front page. The actual download page is still up here, but for how long?

"It's not certain when this happened, but it was probably quite recently, looking at posts in their newsgroup; the Wayback Machine doesn't help, but Google's cache is still the original site.

"This is obviously the last nail in the coffin of 'IE's cross-platform support'. Gecko-based browsers are now the only game in town for download-and-install free software on these two platforms."

Though we don't usually post negative articles about rival browsers, this one was too interesting to pass up.

#22 Re: Re: Makes Linux IE less likely surely ?

by dipa

Friday September 20th, 2002 8:06 AM

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> I rarely test the pages with IE, because after testing them with Mozilla, they usually work like a charm with every browser.

Agree but you must always have into mind the lack of fixed positioning support (CSS2) in IE. And quite a few other idiocyncracies (bugs) like the no support of max-width or the flawed calculation of margins.

What it makes IE attractive to developers is, imho, its amazing immunity to html syntax errors. A single html miss-type that might completely break the page in Mozilla, usually causes no harm to IE's rendering. On the other side, of course this is a trap: it's not always as easy to find the error in your html document. So, you might give up with Mozilla and stay with the all-forgiving IE. That's plain wrong if you ask me, but it happens quite often. What MS wants to achieve is clear. Make developers happier by avoiding to apply strict rules on their work. Then, you end up with a html mess but the standards support isn't MS top priority anyway.