DevX Article on the Capabilities of XUL

Thursday September 19th, 2002

Marcus Ahlfors informs us that DevX has an in-depth article about XUL. The tutorial describes what XUL is and what it can do and also includes some sample source code. More documentation about XUL can be found at the XUL project page and the newly-redesigned XulPlanet.

#1 XUL and XBL is nice, but ...

by johann_p

Thursday September 19th, 2002 12:43 PM

there seem to be very few people who know the details. Nobody was yet able to confirm bug 146137 and various posts in the XUL newsgroup did not yield any answer. The XUL newsgroup is so extremely low frequency that I wonder whether it is alive at all. So while the idea of XUL is wonderful I wonder how to proceed when one encounters a problem ....

#2 Re: XUL and XBL is nice, but ...

by masi

Thursday September 19th, 2002 2:31 PM

You probably have to dig into the css declarations (possibly per skin) to set the button label to zero width or use display: none or something like that.


#3 Capabilities of XUL

by JennyCraig

Monday September 23rd, 2002 5:50 PM

Let me tell you the capabilities of XUL, aka BLUI: Bug ridden slabs of porkified UI blubber.