Optimoz RadialContext Pie Menu 1.0b3 Released

Thursday September 19th, 2002

shepard writes: "Optimoz's RadialContext pie menu version 1.0b3 has been released! Includes bug fixes and some reorganization of the interface. This is a highly recommended add-on for Moz!"

You can install RadialContext 1.0b3 or get more information from the pie menus page at Optimoz. For more details about pie menus, see our previous article on the subject.

#7 no zipfiles?

by masi

Friday September 20th, 2002 1:34 AM

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I forgot to mention that the menus should not be cluttered. Just because there is room there is no need to include 'extra features'. In particular I refer to the tasks menu, which is only present when there is no selection active. And I am also talking about the window menu. Both menus are IMHO just not necessary. Save the room (see below for a possibility).

Is there a reason why the 'property' option is not present?

Interestingly there is a subtle difference betwen the offical context menu and RadialContext when it comes to frames and you have a selection. Mozilla will you give you acces to the frame info, whereas RadialContext has the page info. If you remove window and tab you get room for a property submenu and you can also show *always* page and frame info (the latter greyed out/disabled when not applicable).

BTW, the selection submenu is missing the 'view selected source' feature.