Optimoz RadialContext Pie Menu 1.0b3 Released

Thursday September 19th, 2002

shepard writes: "Optimoz's RadialContext pie menu version 1.0b3 has been released! Includes bug fixes and some reorganization of the interface. This is a highly recommended add-on for Moz!"

You can install RadialContext 1.0b3 or get more information from the pie menus page at Optimoz. For more details about pie menus, see our previous article on the subject.

#2 RadialContext Menu

by jeti

Thursday September 19th, 2002 7:42 AM

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Try to think of it as a gesture with hints. Use the menu by holding the mouse button down and dragging.

There also is an option to use the radial menu only when dragging. That way you can still use 'click to open' to access the standard menu (works only under Windows).