Full Article Attached Mozilla Calendar 0.8 Released

Thursday September 12th, 2002

A new version of Mozilla Calendar has been released for Linux and Windows. Amongst other improvements, Calendar 0.8 allows users to subscribe to remote calendar files and publish their events to a WebDAV-enabled server. Read the full article for more details and installation links.

#3 nice, but what about 1.2 support?

by salmo

Thursday September 12th, 2002 10:43 PM

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This would be nice if it worked with 1.2a. I find 1.2a more than stable enough for me to use (ie more stable than IE) plus I'm already kind of hooked on the new goodies. But I have been looking for a calendar solution other than Outlook, which is just overkill for me. I'm not real happy with web-based offering and haven't found a nice simple standalone app. Since everything else is already being done by Mozilla (browsing, mail, contact management, minesweeper) it would be nice to tack on a calendar to make my life a little more simple and nicely cross platform.

Does anybody know when/if this will be available?