Salon on Mozilla as a Platform

Tuesday September 10th, 2002

Emmet and tim both wrote in to say that Salon has an article about Mozilla as a platform. Noting that Mozilla's cross-platform framework makes it relatively easy to create add-ons for Mozilla, the report discusses the possibility of Mozilla becoming a platform that could threaten Windows — which is exactly what Microsoft feared Netscape might do in the 1990s. This poetic justice isn't lost on Salon.

Earlier this year, work began on two projects that could help the adoption of Mozilla as a platform. The Mozilla Runtime Environment (MRE) aims to provide an execution environment for applications that embed Gecko, eliminating the need for every Mozilla-based application to include its own Mozilla distribution. More recently, development started on the XUL Runtime Environment (XRE), a superset of the MRE that is intended to provide an execution environment for stand-alone XUL applications.

UPDATE! According to bug 167795, the Mozilla Runtime Environment is soon to be renamed to the Gecko Runtime Environment.

#3 Hello World Example

by xerxes

Tuesday September 10th, 2002 7:46 PM

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I read the salon article and it made me very interested in xul technology. So I typed out the hello world sample and saved it as a xul file. When I loaded the file the screen just comes up blank. However, when I view source I can see the code.

<?xml version="1.0"?> <window xmlns="<…tekeeper/>"> <box align="center"> <button label="hello xFly" onclick="alert('Hello World');" /> </box> </window>