Jamie Zawinski's "Fear and Loathing on the Merger Trail"

Tuesday November 24th, 1998

Jamie Zawinski of has put up an opinion piece regarding the AOL/Netscape merger and its relationship to Mozilla.

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by Waldo

Thursday November 26th, 1998 12:39 AM

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Agreed. If Mozilla forks, it will have to branch based on the bold leadership of a recognized major open source proponent-- an organization or individual who is respected enough by the community that everyone else will say, "Yeah, screw AOL. This is The Way."

If there is more than one major branch, forget it. AOL wins. It's going to be hard enough to combat the AOLzilla that appears on a million CDs in a year. The raw "real" Mozilla distribution will have to come from somewhere else (bundled with Red Hat, etc.? Would someone take up being a Mozilla distributor for other platforms?).

Before, the Netscape name stood proudly behind the Mozilla product. (Netscape Communicator would have been "Mozilla+". Now who knows.. AOLzilla may be Mozilla or Mozilla- or "" or something else..)

We are indeed heading for an interesting period... as if Y2k wasn't enough :)