Jamie Zawinski's "Fear and Loathing on the Merger Trail"

Tuesday November 24th, 1998

Jamie Zawinski of has put up an opinion piece regarding the AOL/Netscape merger and its relationship to Mozilla.

#10 Open Source Browser

by Alistair McLaurin <>

Wednesday November 25th, 1998 3:11 AM

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As I understood it, the relationship between Mozilla and Netscape was that, every so often, Netscape would take a stable set of Mozilla Features, add non open source features such as Java and Security, and release the product as Netscape Communicator 5.x etc. I imagine that AOL will want to do exactly the same thing with additional portal integration features. Mozilla would continue as an almost permanent beta version of the next version of Communicator.

As anyone is allowed to product browser releases based on the Mozilla code shouldn't we think about producing a fully open source release, quality browser. This could include code from open source Java and Security projects but would feature no portal, search engine or OS integration. We could even think about developing a browser which was 100% HTML 4 compliant, no BLINK, floating frames, relative layer positioning etc. etc.

Any takers?