Microsoft No Longer Blocking Gecko Users From Getting a Passport

Monday September 9th, 2002

Doron writes: "Mozilla is now unblocked from Passport fully. Kudos to Susie 'blink' Wyshak for nagging Microsoft enough to get all Gecko clients unblocked and able to register!" For a long time, users of Gecko-based browsers could log in to Microsoft .NET Passport services but were blocked from registering for a new Passport. Now this latter restriction has been lifted and Gecko users can sign up for a Passport without being told to 'upgrade' to Netscape Communicator 4.08. Read bug 141279 for the details.

#1 Hm...

by turi

Monday September 9th, 2002 2:17 PM

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...does that mean it's not sufficiant anymore to install mozilla on my clients computer in order to prevent them from signing up to passport? Time to adjust the firewall... ;)