IE Ctrl+Enter Add-On for Mozilla 1.1

Thursday September 5th, 2002

Oliver Schulze has written an add-on for Mozilla 1.1 that emulates Internet Explorer's Ctrl+Enter behaviour (adds "www." to the beginning and ".com" to the end of what you have typed into the Location Bar). A fair bit of tweaking is required to set up this add-on but it's worth it if you're addicted to this particular aspect of Internet Explorer.

#14 What is the point?

by Mike_S <>

Friday September 6th, 2002 6:34 PM

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Perhaps I'm missing the point of this feature but too me it seems completely redundant.

IE needs "Ctrl+Enter" because if you type a keyword directly into the URL field it'll redirect to MSN search, which slows things down.

Mozilla automatically enters www and .com if you simply type in a domain name thus making "Ctrl+Enter" unnecessary. The need for Ctrl+Enter is one of the things that I dislike about IE.

In fact, Mozilla takes it a step further allowing you to type a domain and path without the need for www and .com (apple/quicktime/trailers for example) I use that all the time and it's great.