AOL/Nescape Deal Final

Tuesday November 24th, 1998

According to ZDNet, the deal has been finalized for $4.2 billion. AOL has also entered into a three-year development/marketing alliance with Sun Microsystems. Stay tuned to mozillaZine for more links.

Update: A brief from ABCNews. More from CNN. Blurb from

#7 Re:AOL/Nescape Deal Final

by Daniel Jensen

Friday November 27th, 1998 11:55 AM

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Why does everyone make this seem like it is the death of Netscape?

It most definitely does not have to be. This deal could be a major help to Netscape, as long as AOL doesn't do something stupid. Why should AOL spend $4.2 bil and then destroy what it spent its money on? I think AOL will mostly allow Netscape to continue doing what it wants to. Plus, anything else would be infringing on the agreement with Sun.