AOL/Nescape Deal Final

Tuesday November 24th, 1998

According to ZDNet, the deal has been finalized for $4.2 billion. AOL has also entered into a three-year development/marketing alliance with Sun Microsystems. Stay tuned to mozillaZine for more links.

Update: A brief from ABCNews. More from CNN. Blurb from

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by arielb

Tuesday November 24th, 1998 11:41 AM

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Mr. Case concluded: "One key to this acquisition is the flexibility that it gives us. ICQ, our instant communications and chat portal, will promote the downloading and registration of the Netscape client software to its large and rapidly growing international community. We also expect to maintain our working relationship with Microsoft, continuing to include Internet Explorer in the AOL service so consumers will continue to have AOL software included on the Windows desktop." That sucks. So is AOL going to support two browsers now? But if Netscape/Mozilla dies then their $4 billion website they just bought will also die. On the other hand they will use ICQ to promote Netscape. hmmm