AOL/Nescape Deal Final

Tuesday November 24th, 1998

According to ZDNet, the deal has been finalized for $4.2 billion. AOL has also entered into a three-year development/marketing alliance with Sun Microsystems. Stay tuned to mozillaZine for more links.

Update: A brief from ABCNews. More from CNN. Blurb from

#1 Re:AOL/Nescape Deal Final

by Brian Gannon

Tuesday November 24th, 1998 7:31 AM

This really sucks... that's about all I really have to say.... May Netscape rest in peace.....

at least we still have the source (for now)

#2 Re:AOL/Netscape Deal Final

by the url

Tuesday November 24th, 1998 9:31 AM

I guess I've always dreaded the thought of this, but I wish Netscape the best.

I guess the AOL/Netscape deal does bring one of my dreams closer to reality. . . ICQ integrated into Mozilla 5, anyone? :)

#3 Re:AOL/Nescape Deal Final

by Waldo

Tuesday November 24th, 1998 10:19 AM

This is a sad day. I can only hope that the mozilla project survives this, original vision intact.


#4 Re:AOL/Nescape Deal Final

by arielb

Tuesday November 24th, 1998 11:41 AM

Mr. Case concluded: "One key to this acquisition is the flexibility that it gives us. ICQ, our instant communications and chat portal, will promote the downloading and registration of the Netscape client software to its large and rapidly growing international community. We also expect to maintain our working relationship with Microsoft, continuing to include Internet Explorer in the AOL service so consumers will continue to have AOL software included on the Windows desktop." That sucks. So is AOL going to support two browsers now? But if Netscape/Mozilla dies then their $4 billion website they just bought will also die. On the other hand they will use ICQ to promote Netscape. hmmm

#5 Re:AOL/Nescape Deal Final

by Phildoe

Tuesday November 24th, 1998 1:58 PM

Like it or hate it, it's a done deal. Sure, we have the code, but the people at Netscape who are doing alot of the work, would be missed. Write to and urge him to continue to support/fund their efforts.

#6 Re:AOL/Nescape Deal Final

by John Doe

Tuesday November 24th, 1998 2:19 PM

Today is the worst day of my life. I am watching a friend, a partner dying. And a piece of me is dying with it.

I first used Navigator 0.9 - and I was instantly in love. I was a CS student at that time, and I was a hacker in my free time. My goal become to work for Netscape.

Last year I finally got a job at Netscape. It was the happiest day of my life, a fulfillment of my dreams. It only lasted until today.

My heart is broken. Rest in peace, Netscape...

#7 Re:AOL/Nescape Deal Final

by Daniel Jensen

Friday November 27th, 1998 11:55 AM

Why does everyone make this seem like it is the death of Netscape?

It most definitely does not have to be. This deal could be a major help to Netscape, as long as AOL doesn't do something stupid. Why should AOL spend $4.2 bil and then destroy what it spent its money on? I think AOL will mostly allow Netscape to continue doing what it wants to. Plus, anything else would be infringing on the agreement with Sun.

#8 Re:AOL/Nescape Deal Final

by KoDo

Monday December 14th, 1998 8:24 PM

The Army of Lamers strikes again! I used ICQ in the early days. It used to be cool. It was fast, reliable, and spam-free. Has anyone seen it lately? Try looking up someone in the whitepages! (If you have a few years on your hands with nothing to do....) Living proof that AOL can take anything good, decent, and worth having -- AND RUN IT INTO THE GROUND !! I do hope they continue to support Netscape, but I fear what the company will become. The "Great Whore AOL" wins again.