Phoenix Nightly Builds Now Available

Thursday September 5th, 2002

Nightly builds of Phoenix are now available for download from Builds are currently only available for Linux and Windows.

Phoenix (formerly known as mozilla/browser) is a redesign of the Mozilla browser component. It is not related to Project Piglet (also previously known as mozilla/browser), which was forked from pre-Phoenix mozilla/browser code.

Thanks to Asa Dotzler for the news.

UPDATE! Also check out the Phoenix project page which has some more information about the project.

#9 Kiosk Capabilities?

by amutch

Thursday September 5th, 2002 10:11 PM

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Is any effort going to be made to incorporate the ability of administrators to:

* Run Pheonix in a Kiosk Mode * Allow Administrators to modify and lockdown the interface * Ability to disable context menus * Ability to stop downloads to HD * Ability to block installation of additional components

With this simplified but logical interface, I can see this having a lot of appeal to people who want to run a Mozilla browser in a kiosk or corporate environment but don't want the bloat of Mozilla [Composer/Editor, Mail/News, etc. - Yes, I know most can be eliminated with a custom install but that's just more hassle]. Plus, Mozilla's interface is impossible to secure without some serious hacking of the code to disable interface elements and features. Even a few simple things like the ability to block access to Preferences and Toolbar Customization would make this almost ready for a kiosk environment. Just wondering.