Phoenix Nightly Builds Now Available

Thursday September 5th, 2002

Nightly builds of Phoenix are now available for download from Builds are currently only available for Linux and Windows.

Phoenix (formerly known as mozilla/browser) is a redesign of the Mozilla browser component. It is not related to Project Piglet (also previously known as mozilla/browser), which was forked from pre-Phoenix mozilla/browser code.

Thanks to Asa Dotzler for the news.

UPDATE! Also check out the Phoenix project page which has some more information about the project.

#50 Re: Re: how come?

by asa <>

Friday September 6th, 2002 8:12 PM

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"Why would the Phoenix README say that they were not accepting bugs"

Because I was too busy trying to make nightly builds happen and forgot to update the readme when I created the Bugzilla components.

"When Phoenix was not accepting bugs, it was a definitely a whole lot more limited than Mozilla"

That's just silly. I said that Mozilla and Phoenix both have "limited access". You don't get to check in without cvs access. You don't get to check in to some modules even if you do have cvs access. You don't get to check in to some files without review or super review. You said that Phoenix was "a lot more limited than Mozilla". I disagree. You have _always_ been able to file and fix bugs on the overwhelming majority of Phoenix code. Because developers weren't interested in bugs (or patches) for a small handful of files doesn't make Phoenix "a whole lot more limited than Mozilla." I'll buy that access to participate in Phoenix development and testing was trivially more limited than access to participate in Mozilla but to say "a whole lot more" is a bit overboard and ignores that Phoenix is, and has been since day one, made up of mostly Mozilla code.

But yes, in a way you are correct. I'm just not happy with the language you've used to describe your position. Phoenix was not soliciting tesing or development help during the very early stages (and it is still in the early stages). Now Phoenix is soliciting testing help. There isn't much point in making binaries and creating Bugzilla components if you don't want people to use them.