Phoenix Nightly Builds Now Available

Thursday September 5th, 2002

Nightly builds of Phoenix are now available for download from Builds are currently only available for Linux and Windows.

Phoenix (formerly known as mozilla/browser) is a redesign of the Mozilla browser component. It is not related to Project Piglet (also previously known as mozilla/browser), which was forked from pre-Phoenix mozilla/browser code.

Thanks to Asa Dotzler for the news.

UPDATE! Also check out the Phoenix project page which has some more information about the project.

#45 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Bugs

by asa <>

Friday September 6th, 2002 1:19 PM

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"I do not see how you can say it is WRONG to refer to Phoenix as a "closed project" when Phoenix was not accepting any bugs, or patches, or even user comments. "

I can say wrong to all of those. That during the very beginning stages of the project there wasn't a Bugzilla component for bugs or a newsgroup for comments doesn't mean it is a closed project. Why on earth would people go through the trouble of making nightly builds and creating Bugzilla components if Phoenix wasn't accepting bugs?

If you're going to call Phoenix a "closed project" then you also have to call Mozilla a "closed project". Access to both of these projects is restricted and some modules within both of these projects are even more restricted. My mom isn't allowed to checkin in to Mozilla and she's not allowed to checkin to Phoenix. Even people that have provided bug reports and patches don't automatically get checkin access to And even if you do manage to demonstrate that you deserve cvs _priveleges_ that doesn't mean you get to checkin whatever you want whenever you want. You still have to get reviews and super-reviews (permission from module owners) and even then you don't get to check into some partitions in Mozilla like checkin access to the mozilla/NSPR and mozilla/NSS modules in Mozilla is restricted to a subset of cvs accounts and checkin access to mozilla/browser/ is restricted to a subset of cvs accounts. Your argument is silly. By your definition Mozilla is a "closed project". You're also missing the point that Phoenix is 99% mozilla. If by your definition Mozilla is "open" then 99% of Phoenix is just as open. Phoenix uses all the same layout, style system, dom, security, javascript engine, networking, cache, imagelib, widget, etc. code as Mozilla. For those modules all of the "open" Mozilla restrictions apply (you need cvs access to directly checkin. you need review. you need super-review. you need approval and you need someone with access to restricted partitions to checkin patches for you.)

"If it is wrong to have referred to Phoenix as having been a "closed project" then what would you have preferred? Would it have been ok to say that it was a "limited access project" or what?"

Both Mozilla and Phoenix are limited access.