Trunk Freezes for 1.2 Alpha Tonight

Tuesday September 3rd, 2002

The main development trunk will be frozen at 11:59pm tonight Pacific Daylight Time and will remain frozen until 1.2 Alpha is released. While the freeze is in effect, all checkins to the trunk will require approval from Like 1.1 Alpha and 1.1 Beta, 1.2 Alpha will probably be released directly off the trunk with no branching beforehand. The ideal release date is Friday 6th September, though this may change. See the Roadmap for more details about release plans and tinderbox for the current status of the trunk.

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by asa <>

Thursday September 5th, 2002 9:34 PM

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yes, 1.2alpha will probably be less stable than 1.1final in some areas. In other areas it will be more stable. We fixed lots of high-profile crash bugs but we've added new features and new code that may introduce crashes. That's the point of an "alpha". It probably won't be as stable as 1.1 but it will have new things. With 1.2beta we will respond to crash data we gather in 1.2alpha and so improve on the stability and then we'll repeat, taking crash data from 1.2beta and using it to further stabilize for 1.2final.

"From a user's point of view Mozilla development looks a bit chaotic, with no plan what to do."

I'm not really sure how to respond to that. Users can see what changed _after_ the release. Developers and testers can see what's going to change _before_ the release. You want people who are working to make Mozilla better to stop doing that work so they can make it more obvious to users what they're working on? I'm all for transparency and we provide a lot with bugzilla, bonsai and lxr but it doesn't seem to me that there is any huge return on time invested to communicate development plans to users. I put a fair amount of time into the What's New and other sections of the release notes so that users can know what they're downloading but I'm not going to put a lot of time into distilling all of the work that's currently goint on or planned to make it digestible for users. Maybe someone else is willing.