Trunk Freezes for 1.2 Alpha Tonight

Tuesday September 3rd, 2002

The main development trunk will be frozen at 11:59pm tonight Pacific Daylight Time and will remain frozen until 1.2 Alpha is released. While the freeze is in effect, all checkins to the trunk will require approval from Like 1.1 Alpha and 1.1 Beta, 1.2 Alpha will probably be released directly off the trunk with no branching beforehand. The ideal release date is Friday 6th September, though this may change. See the Roadmap for more details about release plans and tinderbox for the current status of the trunk.

#16 persist font and color settings in mail

by mozillaMan

Thursday September 5th, 2002 1:09 PM

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Hi Does anyone know if Mozilla Mail lets you set font styles, colors, backgrounds as default? When composing mail, it defaults to Times New Roman and black on white text. But there should be a way to set a different colors as default. I know you can do that with the Composer. Mail seems to take u to a window wheer you can pick the colors, but cant make em the default. Is this an oversight? Personally I hate Times New Roman font, so whenever I email, I have to manually change the font to Verdana and color to grey.

Mozilla really needs this capability!! It is tiny things like this that tick of the casual users.