Trunk Freezes for 1.2 Alpha Tonight

Tuesday September 3rd, 2002

The main development trunk will be frozen at 11:59pm tonight Pacific Daylight Time and will remain frozen until 1.2 Alpha is released. While the freeze is in effect, all checkins to the trunk will require approval from Like 1.1 Alpha and 1.1 Beta, 1.2 Alpha will probably be released directly off the trunk with no branching beforehand. The ideal release date is Friday 6th September, though this may change. See the Roadmap for more details about release plans and tinderbox for the current status of the trunk.

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by gadeiros <Harald@Henkel.DAH.UUnet.DE>

Thursday September 5th, 2002 1:59 AM

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With so many "bug" fixes already in place ... is the current code more stable than 1.1 (not that I have problems with 1.1 :-) ) ?

Or are there also big new festures which might still be in a "not so stable" state ?

Wouldn't it make sense to release 1.1.1 with all or many of the fixes instead or additionally to 1.2alpha ?

And I have to ask another thing again:

From a user's point of view Mozilla development looks a bit chaotic, with no plan what to do. You (IIRC) wrote in another thread that these things are all "documented" in bugzilla.

But I - and I guess most people interested in Mozilla development (besides the developers themselves of course) don't care for bug id's, neither for changelogs which list 1000's of changed files for only one week.

Keeping up some "offical" feature list like that of KDE (<…ons/kde-3.1-features.html>) shouldn't be too time consuming, in contrast to the "Kernel Cousins" (<>) which are also very interesting and have laid a lot of people to join the development team.

Mozilla is not only a big project, Mozilla is (at least at the moment) potentially used by a lot more people than KDE or Linux, because it's availabe on a lot of platforms. I cannot imagine that in this large user base, it's not possible to find someone who is willing to help out with that.

If I hadn't a web project on my own in the works (non IT related) which consumes a big part of my spare time, I would jump in myself...

Harald Henkel