Trunk Freezes for 1.2 Alpha Tonight

Tuesday September 3rd, 2002

The main development trunk will be frozen at 11:59pm tonight Pacific Daylight Time and will remain frozen until 1.2 Alpha is released. While the freeze is in effect, all checkins to the trunk will require approval from Like 1.1 Alpha and 1.1 Beta, 1.2 Alpha will probably be released directly off the trunk with no branching beforehand. The ideal release date is Friday 6th September, though this may change. See the Roadmap for more details about release plans and tinderbox for the current status of the trunk.

#10 Re: Not enough ...

by asa <>

Wednesday September 4th, 2002 10:01 AM

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" To maintain the attention of the non-daily-bonsai-reading crowd, it'd be good if there was some kind of weblog with substantial checkins (like every few days or so). Previously, one could stay up-to-date with Asa's buildbar, but that's now gone ... :-("

Sounds like the perfect "non-coding" task for a volunteer who likes to follow this kind of information. I've got a nice collection of bookmarks (and someone even wrote for me a very cool web form tool thing that will linkify bug numbers like bugzilla does) and other tools for getting at the interesting changes each day. It turns out that to do this well takes about an hour a day of reading, writing and testing the builds (to see if the bug was actually fixed and how the user can see/test it). I don't have that hour any more but maybe since you're interested in this you could take over and do some daily comments.