Mozilla Installation and Setup Checklist

Tuesday September 3rd, 2002

Dave writes: "I have an article on how to install and do some 'must-have' basic configuration at This might be useful for beginners or as a checklist for Mozilla fans installing the browser for friends."

#5 MailNews and searchengines

by eiseli

Tuesday September 3rd, 2002 11:08 PM

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I know, you are talking of your personal preferences, but just telling right away not to install Mail/News is quite disappointing. You don't even mention a short reason for that. Actually, I have a non-techie friend who loves the Mozilla News and says it's superior in many points to OutlookExpress6. I cannot tell, since I've never used this piece of virusware. Maybe the same applies to Mozilla Mail vs OE6. I think, Mozilla Mail/News is already very usable and only inferior to software like very specialized Mail and News clients (Eudora, Forte Agent).

It would be nice to mention at the place where you say "Set Google your default search or your favorite", that the favorite my be found on Mycroft <> .

Thanks for the otherwise excellent article.