Mozilla Installation and Setup Checklist

Tuesday September 3rd, 2002

Dave writes: "I have an article on how to install and do some 'must-have' basic configuration at This might be useful for beginners or as a checklist for Mozilla fans installing the browser for friends."

#20 Re: silly question

by ecarlson

Tuesday September 10th, 2002 5:59 PM

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I assume you're talking about the Windows version. I uninstalled 1.0 (Via Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs), then I deleted the "C:\Program Files\" directory, then I rebooted, then I installed 1.1.

Then I followed the instructions in the online FAQ to copy my old profile information to my new profile location.

In theory, you can uninstall 1.0, then install 1.1, and it should use the old 1.0 profile, but I haven't tried that method, and it's only a theory.