Mozilla Installation and Setup Checklist

Tuesday September 3rd, 2002

Dave writes: "I have an article on how to install and do some 'must-have' basic configuration at This might be useful for beginners or as a checklist for Mozilla fans installing the browser for friends."

#15 Re: GO button question . . .

by AlexBishop <>

Wednesday September 4th, 2002 11:17 PM

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"If I turn off the GO button, then I right-click/copy a URL from a text page, then right-click/paste that URL into the URL bar, how do I also use the mouse to GO to that page? Do I really have to reach for my keyboard if I turn off the GO button?"

If you've got the Tab Bar visible you could drag the contents of the Location Bar to a tab (or a blank area of the Tab Bar if you want a new tab). In fact, you can drag a plain text URL from another application onto a tab or the Tab Bar and have it load this way (no need for copy 'n' paste).

"And why do I have to click the GO button twice for it to work?"

There's a bug on that somewhere. It only occurs when the autocomplete drop-down is visible (it acts like a window in front of the current Navigator window).