Mozilla Installation and Setup Checklist

Tuesday September 3rd, 2002

Dave writes: "I have an article on how to install and do some 'must-have' basic configuration at This might be useful for beginners or as a checklist for Mozilla fans installing the browser for friends."

#10 Re: The permanent solution ...

by asa <>

Wednesday September 4th, 2002 10:16 AM

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Actually, this doesn't supply what most people want. Most people who want control over plugins want to selectively enable and disable the plugin for specific sites. In the case of flash, the common complaint is that there are a few sites where flash is either necessary (in the case of a site which offers its only navigation in flash) or desirable (a site which has additional content like animations or games in flash) but the majority of sites are using flash for advertising or other unwanted content. The user wants to be able to "fix" that site. They don't want to open prefs, select the plugins/helper apps panel, disable flash, visit the site, return to preferences, select the plugins/helper apps panel, enable flash, visit a site, rinse and repeat. Something like the cookie manager (if that didn't suck so bad) or image blocking would probably be the closes example of what people want for plugins. I suspect that users would consider it a step in the right direction to have this pref-able like you suggest but that's not the level of control people really want.