Using the Mozilla SOAP API

Saturday August 31st, 2002

Apple Developer Connection has an introduction to Mozilla's SOAP API. The tutorial explains how to use JavaScript to make SOAP calls to the Google Web API. It's particularly cool as Mozilla is currently the only Web browser that supports SOAP natively. If you're not exactly sure what SOAP is, take look at this introduction from About or something a little more technical.

#12 Re: Cross-browser way of doing SOAP

by rayw <>

Friday September 6th, 2002 2:17 PM

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In my opinion, the key to making a cross-browser way of invoking SOAP is to make it as simple as possible.

The current Mozilla API described in recent articles is alow-level API (although not nearly as low-level as what Microsoft designates as a low-level API. Therefore, it is not optimally simple to create the proxy effect. A higher-level API is being developed on top which uses the low level to build a proxy on top. This means that calling it is much simpler, something like:

var p = new

// Create the proxy var p = WSPProxy("<…001/BabelFishService.wsdl>", "BabelFishPort",...);

// Make the call var result = p.BabelFish("en_de", value);

Once it gets this simple, it is time to start talking about a common wrapper, IMO. I think the MS toolkit for SOAP that can be installed in a browser will support similar WSDL techniques.

Ray Whitmer