Netscape 7.0 Final News and Reviews

Saturday August 31st, 2002

Though Netscape releases no longer get the coverage that they used to, the launch of Netscape 7.0 was reported in several places on the Web. Articles can be found at AOL Time Warner, BBC News, CNET,,, Internet Magazine,, Internet Week, MacCentral, MacSlash, NewsFactor,, Reuters, Slashdot, The Register, Yahoo! Finance and ZDNet News.

Both CNET and eWEEK have reviews of Netscape 7.0 while TechTV features an editorial. If you're after user opinions, has a wide selection.

UPDATE! PC Magazine gave Netscape 7.0 four out of five, calling it "a sleek, fast, friendly browser that may make you consider switching from Microsoft Internet Explorer as your default browsing tool."

Finally, here's the solution to the biggest complaint about Netscape 7.0.

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by asa <>

Saturday August 31st, 2002 10:11 PM

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"P4/1600 Netscape "normally" uses.."

Where do you come up with these things? I was actaully just looking at a spreadsheet less than two weeks ago that listed all of the Netscape developer and QA machines and I'd wager that 95% of Netscape employees are using a machine less than half that speed. Not to mention that QA (and especially performance QA) teams have a wide variety of equipment with the specific reason being testing Netscape/Mozilla on machines at the low end of the spectrum (far more machines at 500MHz and below than above). Are you just making things up or have you been misinformed by some Netscape person that "Netscape 'normally' uses" P4/1600s?