Netscape 7.0 Final News and Reviews

Saturday August 31st, 2002

Though Netscape releases no longer get the coverage that they used to, the launch of Netscape 7.0 was reported in several places on the Web. Articles can be found at AOL Time Warner, BBC News, CNET,,, Internet Magazine,, Internet Week, MacCentral, MacSlash, NewsFactor,, Reuters, Slashdot, The Register, Yahoo! Finance and ZDNet News.

Both CNET and eWEEK have reviews of Netscape 7.0 while TechTV features an editorial. If you're after user opinions, has a wide selection.

UPDATE! PC Magazine gave Netscape 7.0 four out of five, calling it "a sleek, fast, friendly browser that may make you consider switching from Microsoft Internet Explorer as your default browsing tool."

Finally, here's the solution to the biggest complaint about Netscape 7.0.

#47 Workarounds are not solutions

by SubtleRebel <>

Tuesday September 3rd, 2002 12:32 PM

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Your workaround does not resolve the issue of proper alt text for blind websurfers or text only browsers. The real problem is that too many web designers are not using the alt attribute properly and IE facilitates that improper usage. Providing a workaround for web designers who are trying to do the right thing does not help to get the real problems fixed.

Correct me if I am wrong, but your position seems to be :

1) web designers who have properly coded valid HTML should code their pages with a workaround in order to compensate for a flaw in IE 2) the flaw should be added to Mozilla in order to allow the web designers who improperly code their pages can continue to do so

Making it harder for the good guys and easier on the bad guys really does not sound like the way to a better web.