Netscape 7.0 Final News and Reviews

Saturday August 31st, 2002

Though Netscape releases no longer get the coverage that they used to, the launch of Netscape 7.0 was reported in several places on the Web. Articles can be found at AOL Time Warner, BBC News, CNET,,, Internet Magazine,, Internet Week, MacCentral, MacSlash, NewsFactor,, Reuters, Slashdot, The Register, Yahoo! Finance and ZDNet News.

Both CNET and eWEEK have reviews of Netscape 7.0 while TechTV features an editorial. If you're after user opinions, has a wide selection.

UPDATE! PC Magazine gave Netscape 7.0 four out of five, calling it "a sleek, fast, friendly browser that may make you consider switching from Microsoft Internet Explorer as your default browsing tool."

Finally, here's the solution to the biggest complaint about Netscape 7.0.

#32 slower computer here

by sproctor

Monday September 2nd, 2002 4:42 PM

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I still have an old pentium 166mhz. I found some old SIMMs in various places, so I have 64 megs of ram in it now. mozilla is a little sluggish in linux, but a little better in windows. Galeon runs a little better still. This didn't used to be the case. the 1.0 series seems a lot faster to me than the early 0.9's. I'm wondering if 1.1 would be comparable to galeon based on 1.0.0 or not. Anyway, I'd suggest dropping the performance req. Maybe recommend what is listed now, but a 166 mhz processor is enough to run mozilla w/o pain.