Netscape 7.0 Final News and Reviews

Saturday August 31st, 2002

Though Netscape releases no longer get the coverage that they used to, the launch of Netscape 7.0 was reported in several places on the Web. Articles can be found at AOL Time Warner, BBC News, CNET,,, Internet Magazine,, Internet Week, MacCentral, MacSlash, NewsFactor,, Reuters, Slashdot, The Register, Yahoo! Finance and ZDNet News.

Both CNET and eWEEK have reviews of Netscape 7.0 while TechTV features an editorial. If you're after user opinions, has a wide selection.

UPDATE! PC Magazine gave Netscape 7.0 four out of five, calling it "a sleek, fast, friendly browser that may make you consider switching from Microsoft Internet Explorer as your default browsing tool."

Finally, here's the solution to the biggest complaint about Netscape 7.0.

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by TheK <>

Saturday August 31st, 2002 8:16 PM

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After I read around 10.000 (or more?) comments about Mozilla 1.1 and Netscape 7 this are the biggest problems, which prevent people from using them: 1. we must find a way to deal with broken profiles as soon as possible! Maybe the Mozilla version should be saved in the profile, and if the versions are incompatible, users should get a warning, maybe with the possibility to wipe out all critical files (localstore, /chrome, cache). 2. the startup performance must be umproced very very much. Even rather expirienced people only see, that Opera is faster and don't understand, why it is faster. Joe User won't ever understand why MSIE is faster... I have no idea, how we can manage this, but as I see the hard disk performance matters very much and the CPU nearly doesn't matter at all (Doron's P3/800 sometimes outperformes the P4/1600 Netscape "normally" uses..), maybe we can do something based upon this. 3. TE problems. Maybe even adding a message to the status bar, if an error in the JS console appears will help the prople to understand, that the page is broken and not the browser. 4. we need big pages using features MSIE doesn't have - why aren't or or at least "my netscape" using position:fixed, attribute selectors, rounded borders, translucent PNGs andgenerated content? Currently they are "optimized for Netscape 3", with unscalable table layout!