Optimism for AOL/Netscape Deal...

Monday November 23rd, 1998

Joel Caris writes in with this article from ZDNet. Joel writes, "This is an article that holds out optimistic possibilities for what the AOL/Netscape merger (should it happen) would mean for Netscape users."

#7 Re:Optimism for AOL/Netscape Deal...

by A Zimmerman

Tuesday November 24th, 1998 7:33 AM

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I have to agree with Mr. Pereira. As an intranet developer for an enterprise that has standardized on Netscape clients and Enterprise server for our Intranet, this deal worries me. I have no faith in AOL and barely more than that for Sun. Sun has not convinced me they will do anything healthy with Netscape's server applications. Sun tends to sell very expensive hardware (when it can sell anythign at all) and their positions on Java seem very fickle.

As for AOL, if they don't embed Navigator into their browser (and I have read they will stick to IE) why buy Navigator at all? Simply to drive people to a portal. Will they continue to support versions for non-Windows and non-Macintosh computers? I doubt it. There's not any profit in developing for Unix, Linux, Be, etc. and then giving the product away. What exactly has AOL developed? Their strength is in marketing and catering to newbies. Don't be suprised if 2-3 years down the road you'll see banner ads embedded into all their software (Instant Messenger, ICQ, and now Navigator). The rest of the net is nothing to them.

I don't understand why people cheer this buyout as something competitive to MS. The cold war wasn't that much fun and I doubt a scenario of AOL vs MS with the battleground being the internet will be any better.