Optimism for AOL/Netscape Deal...

Monday November 23rd, 1998

Joel Caris writes in with this article from ZDNet. Joel writes, "This is an article that holds out optimistic possibilities for what the AOL/Netscape merger (should it happen) would mean for Netscape users."

#3 Re:Optimism for AOL/Netscape Deal...

by John Doe

Monday November 23rd, 1998 9:33 PM

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Hello, McFly, anybody home?!

If AOL becomes the #1 media gigant, what's the gain?!?! We are not fighting against a name here (M$) but against its evil business practice and poor software. As a matter of fact, AOL is much, much worse than Micro$oft! AOL is a fucking piece of dirty slime. They stink. They are not even a nerd company, as M$, they are only a spamming advertising ISP.

At lease Micro$oft is one of ours, a Jedi knight turned into the dark side of the force, but still hackers deep inside. AOL is a puke.

I'd rather see Nescape bought by Micro$soft. At least that would have beed an honorable death, as a samuray deserves...


PS: Please stop your idiot stock joke, it makes me seek.