Mozilla 1.1 News Reports

Tuesday August 27th, 2002

Though not as major as 1.0, a few tech sites noted the launch of Mozilla 1.1. A Mozilla release just wouldn't be the same without an article from Slashdot and the site offers up the usual collection of user comments. The more mainstream ZDNet News concentrates on the speed and stability improvements of the new version while delivers little more than a rehash of the Release Notes. Thanks to everyone who sent us links to news.

UPDATE! CNET has an article focussing on consumer reaction to the new release. The report sums up the feedback as "mixed", though this does seem to be largely based on a single Slashdot comment.

#8 Client side file upload progress bar?

by anandrajan <>

Tuesday August 27th, 2002 8:03 PM

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This is somewhat off-topic but does anyone know if there's a file upload progress bar that can be turned on in mozilla 1.1. In both opera 6 and IE 6, when you upload a file onto a server using a server side form script (perl, php, whatever), you can see the progress of the file upload at the bottom of the page if you enable View -> Show/Hide -> Status Bar (or the equivalent) in either browser. I have no idea how accurate this is but it is very useful when one has to upload large files and there's no Javascript or other facility to track the progress of file upload. I couldn't find a server side way of doing this when the server is apache. Sad to say but there are many commercial add ons to IIS that do exactly this. Anand Rangarajan