Mozilla 1.1 News Reports

Tuesday August 27th, 2002

Though not as major as 1.0, a few tech sites noted the launch of Mozilla 1.1. A Mozilla release just wouldn't be the same without an article from Slashdot and the site offers up the usual collection of user comments. The more mainstream ZDNet News concentrates on the speed and stability improvements of the new version while delivers little more than a rehash of the Release Notes. Thanks to everyone who sent us links to news.

UPDATE! CNET has an article focussing on consumer reaction to the new release. The report sums up the feedback as "mixed", though this does seem to be largely based on a single Slashdot comment.

#39 Re: Re: Heartily Agree

by ldpercy

Wednesday August 28th, 2002 6:41 PM

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For everyday testing I use Moz because it's support for HTML, CSS and Javascript is light years closer to spec than anything else around. I agree about using an HTML validator, which I do when in doubt.

> As I've mentioned several times, Mozilla has supported proprietary tags for years.

I was aware of a few proprietary Moz css attributes (like moz-opacity), but I couldn't think of any proprietary tags. Had a quick look around and found that EMBED, NOBR and WBR (I hadn't even heard of these last two!) are supported by Moz and not in the HTML spec.

Ultimately I'd prefer if any non-spec tags were pulled (I don't think anyone would miss NOBR and WBR). EMBED is possibly the only exception I'd make until (IF!) MS decide to make their implemenation of the object tag work properly.

> What is it about the marquee tag that suddenly seems to change things?

It would be nice for at least one decent reference browser to exist in the world - w3c's Amaya is supposed to be that browser, but unfortunately it's just not that good. For now, Mozilla is the best hope we have. Each time Moz moves further from that goal (by *adding* support for a non-standard item) a few peoples hopes get dashed. Like I said before, keep Moz pure, let Netscape chase the market, or at least provide a big switch for 'Specification True Rendering' or some such.