Mozilla 1.1 Released

Monday August 26th, 2002

Asa Dotzler writes: "1.1 is here! today shipped Mozilla 1.1. This final release of 1.1 has many new features including full-screen mode for Linux, Mac MathML support, a redesigned JavaScript Debugger, new window icons for the different Mozilla applications, view selection source, viewing HTML mail as plain text, and much more.

"Along with all the new features, Mozilla 1.1 also contains many improvements to performance, stability, standards support, and web site compatability. You can get Mozilla 1.1 by visiting the releases page or directly from FTP at

"With 1.1 shipping, the focus moves onto 1.2 Alpha, and beyond. If you're confused as to how the numbering will work, be sure to check out the Roadmap."

#92 re: Rendering-Bug

by GAThrawn

Wednesday August 28th, 2002 5:34 AM

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I've got a page that uses a fixed position background (using png images), and whilst I've been testing an app over the last few days I've noticed that Mozilla seems to have different problems with it depending on teh MIME type I'm sending.

The page itself is written as valid XHTML 1.0, with an external style sheet which specifies complexsiral style fixed positioned backgrounds on a number of elements.

When I specify the MIME type as "text/html" everything renders OK and the fixed positioning works as expected when scrolling, if you specify the MIME type as "application/xhtml+xml" then everything dispays OK, and as long as you scroll using page up/down, or mouse clicking (not dragging) in the scroll bar then it scrolls OK. But if i scroll with the mouse wheel, or by dragging the scroll bar, the background gets slightly corrupted (repeating sections, bits that look 'melted'). Finally if you specify a "text/xml" MIME type, the smae kind of corruptions appear as the xhtml mime type, but I can get them to happen just using page up/down too.

I'll see about getting a simplified example on a public web server, and then submitting the test case to the bug, but has anyone else noticed this?