Mozilla 1.1 Released

Monday August 26th, 2002

Asa Dotzler writes: "1.1 is here! today shipped Mozilla 1.1. This final release of 1.1 has many new features including full-screen mode for Linux, Mac MathML support, a redesigned JavaScript Debugger, new window icons for the different Mozilla applications, view selection source, viewing HTML mail as plain text, and much more.

"Along with all the new features, Mozilla 1.1 also contains many improvements to performance, stability, standards support, and web site compatability. You can get Mozilla 1.1 by visiting the releases page or directly from FTP at

"With 1.1 shipping, the focus moves onto 1.2 Alpha, and beyond. If you're confused as to how the numbering will work, be sure to check out the Roadmap."

#41 Yeah, I'm reading the arguments...

by bmacfarland

Tuesday August 27th, 2002 9:39 AM

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I had no idea that this was such a hot topic for such a long time. If you could post a place that I can get the patch I'd appreciate it.

I'd be a big fan of this feature for two reasons:

1. It really is a great shortcut at least 80% of the time passing the 80/20 rule. I see the evangelistic issues to not including it, but I agree with your preference selection (perhaps off by default).

2. I could get at least three more IE users to convert with this. One of the first things a potential convert tries to do is to make sure they could do everything that was available before. Once they find something that they use occassionally isn't available, the entire software package is "junk" (in extreme cases).