Mozilla 1.1 Released

Monday August 26th, 2002

Asa Dotzler writes: "1.1 is here! today shipped Mozilla 1.1. This final release of 1.1 has many new features including full-screen mode for Linux, Mac MathML support, a redesigned JavaScript Debugger, new window icons for the different Mozilla applications, view selection source, viewing HTML mail as plain text, and much more.

"Along with all the new features, Mozilla 1.1 also contains many improvements to performance, stability, standards support, and web site compatability. You can get Mozilla 1.1 by visiting the releases page or directly from FTP at

"With 1.1 shipping, the focus moves onto 1.2 Alpha, and beyond. If you're confused as to how the numbering will work, be sure to check out the Roadmap."

#123 Re: less DNS lookups

by GAThrawn

Friday August 30th, 2002 7:24 AM

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The problem is that in the corporate world that Netscape is, at least partially aiming for, and for web developers running their own web servers "zdnet" is a perfectly valid web server name.

In IE it would use the PCs own NetBIOS/WINS and domain/workgroup lookup tables to determine if a "non-standard" intranet server name such as that exists before automically addding a ".com" and checking with DNS.

Whereas in Mozilla which doesn't tie itself into Microsoft's proprietary domain architecture it can't predict that a particular address is unlikely to be valid until ity checks with the DNS, this is really the right way to do it, I know I'll be p***ed off if Moz starts assuming every intranet address I type in should be converted to ".com" (especially as I'm in the UK).