Mozilla 1.1 Released

Monday August 26th, 2002

Asa Dotzler writes: "1.1 is here! today shipped Mozilla 1.1. This final release of 1.1 has many new features including full-screen mode for Linux, Mac MathML support, a redesigned JavaScript Debugger, new window icons for the different Mozilla applications, view selection source, viewing HTML mail as plain text, and much more.

"Along with all the new features, Mozilla 1.1 also contains many improvements to performance, stability, standards support, and web site compatability. You can get Mozilla 1.1 by visiting the releases page or directly from FTP at

"With 1.1 shipping, the focus moves onto 1.2 Alpha, and beyond. If you're confused as to how the numbering will work, be sure to check out the Roadmap."

#104 icons

by lazytiger

Wednesday August 28th, 2002 3:24 PM

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No, I don't. My talent as a graphic designer is poor compared to lots of other people out there. Getting defensive about the amount of work people have put into this project is understandable. I'm not trying to piss anyone off here. Just making an observation that can be shunned, or thought about. I know that Mozilla isn't really meant to be an end-user product, but it often is. The public-at-large out there doesn't give a damn how much work someone put in, they just want a good (looking) product. (actually, in our pop culture of vanity, looks are quite often more important than functionality.) I'm not saying that's nice, but it's reality. And they're not going to post anything about in this forum... they're simply not going to use Mozilla.

Anyway, I'm blowing this way out of proportion. The point is, that's my opinion about the icons. Ignore me as necessary.