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Friday August 23rd, 2002

Mike Potter writes in with some exciting news about Mozilla Calendar. In the latest builds it is now possible to store your events on a remote server (either a web server or an FTP server). Not only does this make it easier to keep track of your schedule if you use several computers, it also allows you to easily share your calendar data with friends. Read the full article for more details and instructions.

#8 Bad Build, problems fixed

by mikeypotter <>

Friday August 23rd, 2002 3:38 PM

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I did put up a build this afternoon that needed a preference set in your prefs.js file, which I must have added manually. If its not there, the calendar crashes (its since been put into a try catch statement) and brings down all of Mozilla. Sorry about that, the builds that are available now have that problem fixed. As for the goal of the project, the problem with making an exchange "killer" is that there is no calendar server available right now. There is no open source option for the server side of things. As it is, we're 1/2 way there. You can view other people's calendars, but you can't edit or add events to it. The other thing that we need is contacts integration. We have some initial code for that, but not enough to do anything like link contacts to events and schedule meetings with people. An Exchange replacement is where we would like to go, however there are many other steps between then and now. If you'd like to help out, keep grabbing new builds, file bugs, and help us code some of the new features. The project page, <> has links to open bugs, and some information on the requirements for the calendar. There hasn't been any talk lately of when the calendar is going to be integrated into the tree, but it won't be earlier than later this year I don't think. Mike