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Friday August 23rd, 2002

Mike Potter writes in with some exciting news about Mozilla Calendar. In the latest builds it is now possible to store your events on a remote server (either a web server or an FTP server). Not only does this make it easier to keep track of your schedule if you use several computers, it also allows you to easily share your calendar data with friends. Read the full article for more details and instructions.

#27 few problems

by jilles

Tuesday August 27th, 2002 1:56 AM

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I really like calendar and I plan to use it as soon as it starts working as advertised. However, there's a few problems (win32, moz1.1final) that keep me from using it:

- How do I remove remote calendars? There appears to be no UI for this.

- How do I edit a calendars remote settings? I mistyped a url and can't edit it.

- Right clicking on a calendar brings up a pop-up (with no delete or edit option) but also deselects the calendar.

- How do I store a calendar on a password protected server (the ftp://uid:pwd@host/path trick doesn't seem to work for me)? I really don't want to publish my calendar to the whole world and a local only calendar seems pointless to me.

- How do I make a remote calendar default? I don't want any events stored locally.

- I know the url is incorrect but calendar doesn't give any sign of a failed server refresh. An error would seem appropriate.

I have no time to mess with bugzilla now and most of the above is probably in it already. If it's not then you know what to do :-). Keep up the good work.