RadialContext Pie Menu Beta Available at Optimoz

Thursday August 22nd, 2002

Slashdot has an article about the first implementation of pie menus in Mozilla. Pie menus are circular menus that allow users to select a particular option by dragging in the direction of that item. Although this might sound strange at first, pie menus embrace many of the principles derived from Fitts' Law.

A pie menus add-on for Mozilla is being developed by Optimoz, the same people that brought you mouse gestures (in fact, mouse gestures stem from from pie menus). Recently, the Optimoz team have been working on RadialContext, a pie menu replacement for the standard content area context menus. A beta version of the add-on is now available. Take a look at the cheat sheet and check it out.

#14 Re: Difficult

by Silverthorn <>

Monday August 26th, 2002 7:34 AM

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Well, there is a definite reason why the menu follows the cursor around. While in one way, this is a round context menu, it is just as much Gestures with a gui for reference.

So, it follows the cursor so that you can make the strokes of the gesture any length and not overshoot. The menu isn't really made to be navigated through step by step like the start menu. It is made so that you memorize directions, like UpperRight-Down to close a tab, but with the gui as a cheat sheet.

Getting out of it requires releasing the button in the center, but with a normal gesture, there is no easy way out of it at all.

So, I guess it depends. For something like a browser with all these commonly used things that you have to do over and over, I think it works very well. You wouldn't want to put the entire menu system of the program into something like this though..