RadialContext Pie Menu Beta Available at Optimoz

Thursday August 22nd, 2002

Slashdot has an article about the first implementation of pie menus in Mozilla. Pie menus are circular menus that allow users to select a particular option by dragging in the direction of that item. Although this might sound strange at first, pie menus embrace many of the principles derived from Fitts' Law.

A pie menus add-on for Mozilla is being developed by Optimoz, the same people that brought you mouse gestures (in fact, mouse gestures stem from from pie menus). Recently, the Optimoz team have been working on RadialContext, a pie menu replacement for the standard content area context menus. A beta version of the add-on is now available. Take a look at the cheat sheet and check it out.

#12 Re: Only works in the bookmarks menu

by tjwhaynes

Friday August 23rd, 2002 2:53 PM

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This is a really nice extension - I've been using it all afternoon, and having learned the various movements, I'm able to get around the browser a lot faster.

That said, it needs to be a bit quicker to appear to be really slick. And the icons are a little difficult to interpret at a glance - they are all grey until highlighted and somewhat overly-similar. On the other hand, if I can just find a couple of hours to play with my graphics tablet, I'm sure something can be done about that - all the images are GIFs down in the chrome install directory. Better use of colour and maybe a little larger would help.

Great stuff.