MozillaNews Interview with David Ascher of ActiveState

Monday August 19th, 2002

MozillaNews has an interview with David Ascher, the tech lead for ActiveState Komodo. Komodo is a Mozilla-based IDE for Linux and Windows that allows developers to work with Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, XSLT and other programming technologies.


by thelem

Wednesday August 21st, 2002 3:53 PM

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I just took another look at the global stats from, which covers thousands of small websites and personal homepages.

They list Netscape 6 seperatly from Netscape 5, so I'm assuming Netscape 5 is non-netscape gecko based browsers. Over the last 4 months, the ratio of Netscape 5:Netscape 6 has been increasing in favour of Netscape 5, which could indicate increased peneration of Mozilla, CompuServe, AOL on OSX or possibly Netscape 7 PR1.

Combined Netscape 5 and 6 percentage for the past few months are as follows: May: 1.12% June: 1.20% July: 1.28% August: 1.7%